The ensemble performs at festivals, in churches, concert houses
and private events such as weddings and business events

Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic Trio

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The foundation of the band is Klezmer Classic Trio.
Sometimes the trio is supplemented with different
guest artists, see below

Semmy Stahlhammer

Semmy Stahlhammer is First Concertmaster of the Stockholm
Royal Opera, teacher at the Stockholm Royal Music College,
and appears as solo artist on numerous CD recordings.

In his atelier in Stockholm he restores string instruments.
His book Codename Barber was published 2007 in Swedish
by Albert Bonnier's Publishing House, and in English in 2010.
Semmy played at the banns in the Royal Castle for
Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist in May 17 2015

Isabel Blommé

Isabel Blommé is a cellist with extensive concert experience.
She has been guest artist at international music festivals,
played on TV and radio and appears on several CD recordings.
She is a member of the renowned Indra String Quartet
since 2003 and in world music ensemble Parizad since 2013.

Miriam Oldenburg

Miriam Oldenburg, accordion, is a frequent engaged musician
and accompanist, mostly in the genres of klezmer, world music
and cabaret. She is a member of Parizad as well as the cabaret
Glädjeflickorna. She has participated in about 20 theatre productions.
During 2012, Miriam toured Europe with Cirque du Soleil's Corteo


Stahlhammer Klezmer collaborates with many musicians
and artists. Some occasional, some more frequent.

Anne Kalmering

Anne Kalmering
Singer and actress

Anne performs regularly with Stahlhammer Klezmer.
With her personal interpretation and fascinating voice,
Anne is one of Sweden′s most popular Yiddish singer.
Together they have performed at festivals, schools,
TV & radio and much more. Anne and the trio are
planning CD release 2016.

“Anne Kalmering's voice is low and sensual
/.../The expression is intimate but electric.”
Östgöta Correspondenten 2009

Nina Åkerblom Nielsen

Nina Åkerblom Nielsen

Nina is described as “the girl who sings everything”:
Classical music, folk music, jazz and musical hits.
She also composes. Nina & Stahlhammer Klezmer
has performed at festivals and in churches. Nina is
also participating in the ensemble′s CD In Memory

“... charming and expressive klezmer singer. /.../
Nina Åkerblom Nielsen's clear, warm soprano
brightened not least the slow and thoughtful songs.”
Sundsvalls Tidning 2010

Sofia Berg Böhm

Sofia Berg Böhm

Singer and actress

Alongside her theatrical career, Sofia has performed
with Yiddish song since her teens, first in klezmer band
Freylach Express and then with the balkan band
Östblocket and as solo artist. Since a few years,
she leads the critically acclaimed ensemble Sirocco.
Sofia has performed with Stahlhammer Klezmer
on concerts and in TV.

Johan Ullén

Johan Ullén
Pianist and composer

The ensemble has performed at concert stages with Johan′s
compositions and arrangements of klezmer pieces.

Johan has toured the world as soloist with his own compositions.
In year 2000 he was elected Artist in Residence by the Swedish Radio.

Staffan Mårtensson

Staffan Mårtensson

Soloist in the Stockholm Royal Opera, Grammy award
winner 2007. Staffan is promoter for Linköping
Chamber Music Festival where he performed with
Stahlhammer Klezmer 2009. They have also
played at other stages in Sweden.

“With Mårtensson's clarinet,the tone-colour is
widened and approaches the more typical performance
of klezmer, with playfulness and light madness.”
Östgöta Correspondenten 2009

Björn Salomonsson

Björn Salomonson
Clarinetist and entertainer

Besides chamber music and jazz, Björn has played
klezmer since 1980 where he was musical leader of the
group Freilach Express. He wrote the Purim play
Man med men who has been performed by members
from Stahlhammer Klezmer and Johan Ullén,
Torbjörn Helander och Torun Gärskog.

Ludvig Josephson

Ludvig Josephson

Bass player, director and writer

Ludvig has collaborated with the musicians in the
ensemble since 1995, mostly with the klezmer band
Vilda Nätter (1993-2006). He composes music for his
own band as well as his radio productions.

“ With thee electric bass... the dance rythm and
weight entered the concert. It is catchy...”
Östgöta Correspondenten 2009

Helene Don Lind

Helene Don Lind
Dancer and dance leader

Helene has collaborated since 1996 with the musicians
as dance leader at concerts and in school performances.