School programs

A trip to Yiddish land
6-12 years

Theme day about one of Sweden's five national minorities.
Yiddish song, dance and storytelling workshop with wind-up concert.

A trip to Yiddish land

Anne Kalmering and Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic gives a musical
depiction of their backgrounds as Jews but also as Swedes. They
will take the audience on an exciting and zestful tour to the world
of Yiddish music and culture. The songs are in Yiddish, a language
that has lived in Sweden for centuries. The pupils will listen to
fascinating stories and will participate in song and dance.

Book through Länsmusiken, see link below. If there is lack of
space, it is possible to book the theme day without dance.

Our school project, that started 2012 and led to a tour with
Scenkonst Sörmland fall 2013, has continued since then with
Musikaliska as booking agent.

Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic
Anne Kalmering, song
Helene Don Lind, dance
Länsmusiken i Stockholm

Dance with Helene Don Lind and pupils

Flyer in Swedish here

Codename Barber

Reading of Semmy′s book with music

Kodnamn Frisör

Semmy reads from his book and tells about the
Jewish central European culture that was lost in
the Holocast, about his grandfathers klezmer orchestra
and how his father finally found a sanctuary in Sweden.
The music is an intergrated part of the depiction
about a world that has vanished, but also a testimony
of human survival and the healing capacity of music.

Feature in the local newspaper after our visit at
Staffansgymnasiet in Söderhamn