Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic

Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic Trio

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The trio offers a chamber music program with whirling klezmer,
yearning tango and exquisite classical music.
The program suits just as well on folk music scenes as in churches.
The balance between the different genres will be adjusted as desired.

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Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic & Anne Kalmering

Anne Kalmering and Stahlhammer Klezmer

Anne takes you to joyous weddings and wild parties, jaunty days
of childhood and poor villages in Yiddishland. Grown up in the Yiddish
culture and with a background in theater, Anne captures the
audience with warm charisma and familiar appeal. Songs from the
Ashkenazy and Sephardic tradition alternates with instrumental pieces.

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Full evening program:
Concert & dance with dance leader

Stahlhammer Klezmer with Anne Kalmering and Helene Don Lind

During the concert evening, well-experienced dance leader Heléne Don Lind will,
with contagious joy, lead the way on the dance floor in the traditional ring
dances, but also her own coreographies based on traditional Jewish dances.
The evening might start with a dance workshop so the audience is prepared
for the evening. The concert can be with or without guests.

Nina Åkerblom Nielsen & Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic

Nina Åkerblom & Stahlhammer Klezmer

With strong stage presence and heartily expression, Nina and Stahlhammer
Klezmer Classic performs pearls of Jewish song. Nina's soulful and crystal clear
voice is intertwined with equal clear timbres of chords. A chamber music
program with musical songs from the 20th century Yiddish theater, Jewish
tango and meditative melodies in ladino, alternated with instrumental pieces.

Codename Barber

Reading of Semmy′s book with music

Codename Barber

Semmy reads from his book and tells about the
Jewish central European culture that was lost in
the Holocast, about his grandfathers klezmer orchestra
and how his father finally found a sanctuary in Sweden.
The music is an intergrated part of the depiction
about a world that has vanished, but also a testimony
of human survival and the healing capacity of music.

Codename Barber can be presented as separate
program or as part of a concert evening.
Stahlhammer Klezmer Classic also executes
Codename Barber in schools.

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Stahlhammer Klezmer workshop
The ensemble has thorough teaching experience in both klezmer and chamber music. Perfect for folk high schools, chamber music associations or free groups.
Stahlhammer Klezmer workshop

It is of course possible to combine the programs above for a full day program or a week-end.
For example workshop in the afternoon and evening concert.
Or school visit with Codename Barber or Tshiribim and evening concert with dance leader.

Concert classic music

Semmy, Isabel and Rachel Galinne

Semmy Stahlhammer, Isabel Blommé and possible guests,
book at Semmy′s homepage: